Owning a private practice and working in an outpatient care setting can feel lonely at times. Although Dietitians don’t actually require supervision post internship, being able to learn from others in the field who might have a different skill set, alternate perspective and lived experience, could expand your working knowledge in the field and challenge you to grow as a clinician.

This service is offered for peers, individual providers and/or groups. Typically this is a reoccurring support offered for a period of time.

Case Consultation 

Do you have a perplexing case or perhaps feeling stuck in the current methods you are working from? Take this opportunity to review a case you want might want a second opinion, or alternate perspective as you explore the next steps for working with a particular case. 

Angela has dedicated her entire career to working in the eating disorders and mental health fields.  Pursuing advanced training in counseling felt like pertinent work to be done to understand better how trauma can affect the body and brain of individuals who struggle with an eating disorder.  Working in various levels of eating disorder treatment has given her great exposure to the entire continuum of care.  Experience includes program development, facilitating support groups, motivational interviewing, individual counseling, mentoring, meal support, conducting training and education, as well as providing supervision.  Some other areas of interest, training, and experience include diabetes, chemical dependency, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), weight inclusive/body positive/HAES approaches, and Intuitive Eating.