relief from dieting

You Deserve to Nourish Your Body

Anyone, in any body,

at any stage of life,

can experience an eating disorder.

You do not have to do this alone

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Angela Goens, MS, RDN, LD

Angela is a dietitian who aims to help others explore and restore a mindful and personalized relationship with food. She does this via years of experience, education, and understanding by using a whole-person, weight-inclusive, body-positive lens. Angela encourages people of all identities to seek care and intentionally invites individuals who are part of marginalized communities and/or identify as BIPOC to reach out for any support needed.

Intuitive Eating is an empowerment tool — it’s time to unleash it and liberate yourself from the prison of diet culture and weight obsession.

Evelyn Tribole, dietitian and co-founder of Intuitive Eating.

Reject Dieting

The first principle of intuitive eating is to reject the diet mentality. You need to recognize that diets don’t work.

Honor Your Hunger

You can eat food when you’re hungry and still lose weight. You need to recognize when you’re feeling hungry and honor that.

Make Peace with Food

Call a truce, stop the food fight! Deprivation can lead to overwhelming desires and bingeing if you convince yourself you can’t have food.